Terms of service. 

Option 1: Annual Subscription (Free for the first year) 

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Option 2: Self-manage (Manage your own sim cards) 

Device Ownership policy: 


  • We do regular off-site database backups and will do our utmost best to keep the service secure and online indefinitely. We protect all personal information vigilantly. We do not however guarantee the availability of this service due to any reason whatsoever or the accuracy of any of the data stored in the database or contained in the email reports. It is your own responsibility to keep backups of all your data and manage your airtime. If the internet is down for any duration or if there is a connection problem and the device can not communicate with the server, the device will still function 100%. If the device runs out of airtime, you will still be able to log onto the portal and view the data. You will however not be able to update the device with any new information. In this case simply load airtime on the device and click on the 'update' button again. This terms may be updated at any time. Last update: 19/03/2019

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